stafftable2Unemployment and Size of Labor Force

Between 2013 and 2015, unemployment rates in Westchester varied by municipality, with a range from 2.7% to 8.9%. Note that unemployment rate estimates are released at the county level on a monthly basis by the New York State Department of Labor. The Census Bureau's estimates for municipalities may substantially deviate from the most recent estimates at the county level due to fluctuations in the economy.

Workers who Work in Municipality

Only about a quarter (24.5%) of Westchester County workers are employed in the Municipality they live in. Pelham Manor has the smallest proportion of locally-employed residents at 12.5%, while Irvington has the highest percentage at 33.9%.

Workers by Occupation, 2013-2017
Workers by Industry, 2013-2017
Distribution of Workers who Work In or Outside of their Municipality, 2013-2017
Labor Force and Unemployment Rate, 2013-2015
Unemployment Rate by Census Block Group (ACS) 2013-2017
Work at Home (ACS) 2013-2017
Businesses and Major Employers 2004
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