Westchester residents spend an average of 34 minutes commuting each way. 23.9% of county residents use transit to get to work, while 60.7% drive alone, 8.6% carpool, and 5.1% walk to their job. Transit use varies widely by municipality with 50.9% of Bronxville residents and 49.2% of Larchmont residents using transit (chiefly rail), while only 7.4% of Yorktown residents and 8.5% of Somers residents use transit to get to work. Commuting by bus is most heavily concentrated in Mount Vernon with 13.3% of workers, while in many of the county’s northern reaches, bus use for commuting is negligible. Walking to work is heavily concentrated in Port Chester (9.2%), Harrison (8.8%), and White Plains (8.3%).

Just under half (46.1%) of Westchester residents work in the county, while 22% work in Manhattan and 6.9% work in the Bronx. After Westchester, the counties of residence with the largest shares of those commuting into Westchester to work are the Bronx (9.8%), Fairfield (4.6%), Queens (3.9%), and Putnam (3.7%).

The County Department of Public Works and Transportation released a report based on 2010 on-board surveys of the Bee-Line bus system in Westchester. Click here to view that report, which contains additional statistics and information on bus ridership.

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