naturalizationWestchester’s foreign-born population accounts for almost a quarter—24%--of the total county population. The foreign-born make up a larger portion of the population in some municipalities than others, with Port Chester (44%) and Sleepy Hollow (43%) having the largest proportions while Pound Ridge (9%) and Lewisboro (10%) have the smallest. The foreign-born population is close to evenly split between naturalized US citizens (11%) and non-citizens (13%). The most common countries of origin for the foreign-born are Mexico (accounting for 9% of the foreign-born), Jamaica (7%), Ecuador (6%), and Italy (6%).  

Place of Birth by Citizenship Status, Westchester County 2005-2009 
Birthplace of Foriegn-Born Westchester County Residents from the Americas and Oceania 2005-2009
Birthplace of Foreign-Born Westchester County Residents from Europe, Asia and Africa 2005-2009