The following tables were compiled primarily from the 2000 census covering a wide range of social and economic themes, and are provided for historical reference. Updates to many of these tables, based on the recent release of 2010 Census data, can be accessed from the "Census & Stats" links menu to the left.

Total Population, 1980 to 2000
Population Density 1990 & 2000 by Municipality
Population Density Map
Population by Sex
Population by Census Tract 2000
Total Population by Census Block Group, and Block 2000
Age Groups, by 5 Year Age Cohort
Age Groups, by 1 Year Age Cohort
Population Under 18 Years
Population 65 Years Old and Over by Sex
Group Quarters Population
Group Quarters Population for Persons 65 and Over
Group Quarters Type for Persons 65 and Over
Population with a Disability
Marital Status
Racial and Hispanic Origin Characteristics
Total Population by Race and Hispanic Origin
Non-Hispanic Population by Race
Hispanic Population Change, 1990 to 2000
Hispanic Population by Race
Hispanic Population by Main Country of Origin
Hispanic by Central American Country of Origin
Hispanic by South American Country of Origin
Homeownership Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin
Asian Population by Country of Origin
Black Population, 1990 to 2000
Ancestry, Citizenship, Language and Migration
Major Ancestry Groups
Major Places of Birth for Foreign-Born Population
Place of Birth for Foreign-Born Population - Percent
Year of Entry for Foreign-Born Population
Ancestry - Percent of Total for Major Ancestry Groups
Ancestry - All Ancestries
Residence in 1995 by General Geography
Place of Birth for Foreign Born
Citizenship Status for Foreign-Born Population
Major Languages Spoken at Home and Ability to Speak English
Domestic Out-Migration - Specific State and County
Domestic In-Migration - Specific State and County
Employment, Income and Commuting
Mode of Travel to Work and Average Travel Time for Westchester Residents, 2000
County of Residence for Westchester Workers 1970 to 2000
County of Work for Westchester Residents, 1970 to 2000
Journey to Work of Westchester Workers and Residents
Journey to Work of Westchester Workers and Residents - Percent Total
Employment Status
Workers Working in Minor Civil Division (City and Town)
Occupation of Residents
Industry of Residents
Median Family Income
Median Household Income
Poverty Status by Age
Poverty Status of Families by Family Type by Presence of Related Children Under 18 Years Old
Poverty Status for Persons 65 Years and Over
Education and Military Status
Educational Attainment - 25 Years Old and Over
Educational Attainment - Percent of Total
School Enrollment - 3 Years Old and Over
Veteran and Military Status
Veteran and Military Status by Period of Service
Household Characteristics
Total Households, Family and Family Status
Children Under 18 by Family Status
Households by Persons in Household
Total Housing Units, 1990 and 2000
Housing Tenure and Vacancy Status, 1990 and 2000
Year Structure Built
Units in Structure
Average Home Value and Rent
Average Real Estate Taxes for Single-Family Housing
Cost-Burdened Households
Overcrowded Housing Units