The "base studies" listed below assisted the Town of New Castle as they developed their local comprehensive plan.

Together, Westchester County and the Town of New Castle created this new resource that will help the town in planning future development, allowing them to focus on the important issues, save valuable time and cut costs.

Explore the New Castle Base Studies using Story Map. This interactive tool serves as an executive summary and is a combination of dynamic maps with additional rich content and photos.

Town of New Castle Planning Base Studies (complete report 34MB)

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Town of New Castle Planning Base Studies Chapters

Cover and table of contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: External Influences – Regional Context
Chapter 3: The Use of Land
Chapter 4: Population Characteristics
Chapter 5: Transportation
Chapter 6: Natural Resources
Chapter 7: Recreation, Open Space and Cultural Resources
Chapter 8: Public Facilities
Chapter 9: Infrastructure and Utilities
Chapter 10: Commercial Development
Chapter 11: Residential Development
Chapter 12: Current Zoning
Chapter 13: “Build-out” Under Current Zoning
Chapter 14: Historic and Cultural Resources


Town of New Castle Planning Base Studies Maps

All Maps (22MB)
Map 2-1: Regional Location Map
Map 3-1: Land Use
Map 4-1: Population Density
Map 5-1: Road Network
Map 6-1: Environmental Features
Map 6-2: Topography
Map 6-3: Soils
Map 6-4: Impervious Surfaces
Map 7-1: Open Space, Parks and Recreation
Map 8-1: Public Facilities and School Districts
Map 9-1: Sewer Districts
Map 9-3: Sanitary Waste Disposal Methods
Map 10-1: Commercial Land Use
Map 11-1: Neighborhoods and Place Names
Map 12-1: Zoning
Map 13-1: Build-Out Analysis Results


Town of New Castle Planning Base Studies Appendices

3-1 Land Use in Westchester (26 MB)
5-1 Taconic State Parkway National Historic Register of Historic Places Form
5-2 Highway Functional Classification Concepts, Criteria and Procedures
5-3 New Castle Traffic Accident Data
5-4 Traffic Accidents by Type
5-5 Traffic Accidents by Road
5-6 Town of New Castle Design Standards for Streets
6-1 Soil Survey for Putnam and Westchester Counties, New York (17 MB)
6-2 Impervious Surfaces and Water Quality
6-3 A Home-Owner’s Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Septic System
6-4 NYS Stormwater Manuals
     NYS Stormwater Management Design Manual (11 MB)
     NYS Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control (21 MB)
6-5 Center for Watershed Protection Unified Site and Subwatershed Reconnaissance Form
6-6 New Castle Stormwater Management Program Annual Report
6-7 New Castle Environmental Protection Overlay District Ordinance
6-8 New Castle Brook Hazard Mitigation Plan
6-9 List of Plants Rarely Eaten by Whitetail Deer
6-10 Westchester County Deer Task Force Report
6-11 New Castle Coyote Flyer
6-12 NYS List of Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Fish and Wildlife Species
9-1 County Water District Map
9-2 New Castle Climate Action Plan
9-3 Southern Exposure Map
10-1 2011 Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) Employment Analysis
12-1 New Castle Official Map and Zoning Map
13-1 New Castle Draft Build-out Analysis Results