Multi-use trails can be used by walkers, bicyclists, runners, joggers, those on roller blades, those wheeling strollers, and people in wheelchairs or with walkers. The degree of difficulty ranges from flat, paved paths on level areas of the RiverWalk to steep, wooded and rugged terrain at Camp Smith.

Signage and maps designate where the trail is specifically limited to pedestrians and where there are other special conditions for use. Check the maps for available parking areas and entry points. Bike racks and benches are available at some locations.

For further information, contact Michael Vernon, Planner at .


Off Road Multi-Use Paths
The key to the municipalities' abbreviations follow the path descriptions.

Path Locations and Descriptions








Bear Mountain Parkway - Yorktown Heights Trail: This east-west route is situated between Annsville Circle and Yorktown Heights. The western portion is proposed to be built on Bear Mountain Parkway (and Extension) right-of-way lands. At the Taconic Parkway, it follows a route planned by the Town of Yorktown that utilizes parkway lands, a planned parkway overpass, Strang Blvd. and crosses through FDR State Park to join a town spur trail that connects with the North County Trailway.      12   Proposed   PKS CTD YTN

Bronx River Pathway: This path is located on the historic county-maintained Bronx River Parkway Reservation between Kensico Dam Plaza and New York City. It is currently developed in three separate sections.
Bronx River Pathway map

     12.8   10.6 miles completed.   NOC MTP WHP SCD ECH TUC BXV MTV YON
Catskill Aqueduct Trail: This alignment utilizes the level surface of the Catskill Aqueduct between the Bear Mountain Parkway and Mohansic County Park. Its development and use needs to be approved by and coordinated with the NYCDEP.      3.9   Proposed.   CTD YTN
Colonial Greenway: This 15 mile mostly off-road trail system utilizes the Hutchinson River Pathway, Leatherstocking Trail, county and local park trails, and local roads to form a "figure 8" loop system that connects numerous public open spaces in the Long Island Sound Shore area. See also Hutchinson River Pathway and Leatherstocking Trail. Colonial Greenway map      15   Complete   ECH MMT MMV NRO SCD
Cortlandt Shoreline Trail: This trail follows the Hudson River waterfront between Peekskill and Ossining, following trail alignments planned by the Town of Cortlandt and Village of Croton-on-Hudson. It links three county waterfront parks as well as Peekskill's Riverfront Green. Local roads are utilized where riverfront access is restricted. At the southern end, it utilizes the one-mile “Crossining” Bike Path. Part of Westchester RiverWalk.      14.1   Proposed.

Some sections are
still in design.
Cross Eastchester Trail: This trail alignment, taken from the town's master plan, provides a connection between the Bronx River and Hutchinson River Pathways, has on and off-road elements.      2.5   Proposed.   ECH
Hillside Woods Trail: This trail would link the Old Croton Aqueduct and South County Trailways, following an alignment through Hillside Woods County Park, village parkland, public school lands and Saw Mill River Parkway lands. It is mapped in Hastings’ Community Vision for Comprehensive Planning and Strategic Action Plan, 10/98. A design and feasibility study, funded by a Greenway Conservancy grant, was completed in 2002.
Hillside Woods Trail map
     1.75   Inactive due
to community
Hutchinson River Pathway: The Hutchinson River Pathway would span the southeastern portion of the county from New York City to Connecticut and be developed as a multi-use trail on parkway rights-of-way lands, linking five county parks. It is presently developed as a narrow equestrian trail between Twin Lakes County Park in Eastchester and the I-287 overpass in Harrison. See also Colonial Greenway map.      14.6   Existing nine-mile equestrian path.

Remaining sections to north and south proposed as well as improvements to existing path as part of Colonial Greenway loop.
Mahopac Branch Trailway: The Mahopac Branch links the North County Trailway in Putnam County to the Golden's Bridge train station in Lewisboro. It primarily follows the alignment of the abandoned Mahopac Branch Railroad, with a half-mile detour along a utility power line at the county border.      5.6  

Proposed. Currently inactive due to unresolved right-of-way issues.

(Also Carmel in Putnam County)
North County Trailway: The North County Trailway is the county's premier rail trail, developed as a paved multi-use trail on the right-of-way of the former Putnam Division Railroad between Eastview in the Town of Mount Pleasant and Putnam County. The final “missing links” sections are currently under construction in the spring of 2002. North County Trailway map      22.1    Completed.   MTP BMR OST NWC YTN SOM.
Old Croton Aqueduct State Trailway: This historic, unpaved trail primarily follows the route of the original Croton Aqueduct between the Croton Dam and New York City, where it connects into the Bronx. There are several areas of detour in which local road alignments are used. It is a level, state-maintained trail used primarily by hikers, but mountain bike use is allowed. Sections of the trail are part of the Westchester RiverWalk route.      24   Completed.   CTD OST OSV BMR MTP SLH TTN IRV DBF HAS YON
Playland Pathway: This existing pathway parallels Playland Parkway, and is situated on parkway lands between U.S Route 1 and Playland Amusement Park.      1   Completed.
Proposed for widening
and resurfacing 2012.
RiverWalk: The Westchester RiverWalkis a planned 51.5-mile multi-faceted pathway paralleling the Hudson River in Westchester.  When completed, it will link village centers, historic sites, parks and river access points via a connection of trails, esplanades and boardwalks. RiverWalk spans 14 municipalities in Westchester and is part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway system. RiverWalk is a work in progress that is being developed through a series of projects constructed by the county, local municipalities and other entities, including private developers.

32.3 miles of RiverWalk's route is publically accessible, utilizing newly constructed sections as well as existing sidewalks, paths and trails, such as the Old Croton Aqueduct, and paths within existing parks and facilities (e.g. VA Hospital in Montrose, Scenic Hudson Park in Irvington, Downtown Yonkers Waterfront and Camp Smith Trails in Cortlandt). RiverWalk map

  • 33 miles existing as paved and unpaved paths, promenades and sidewalks. 
  • 6 miles under construction, in design or planning stages.
  • 13.2 miles remaining proposed route.

South County Trailway: Like its northern counterpart, the South County Trailway primarily follows the course of the former Putnam Railroad ROW, spanning 14.25 miles from Eastview south to the Bronx, where it continues through Van Cortlandt Park.
South County Trailway map

Remaining sections

  • Elmsford/Greenburgh - 0.5 mile - Route 119 to Warehouse Lane - in design 2013.
     14.25   13.75 miles completed in three sections:   GRB ELM IRV DBF ARD HAS YON.
Tarrytown – Kensico Trailway: This east-west trail links the Bronx River, North County and Old Croton Aqueduct Trailways, and utilizes both on-road (Route 100C, Virginia and local roads) and off-road alignments.      4.9   1.1 miles built.

Remainder in design.


 Total off-road multi-use path miles are 133.25 (does not include River Walk miles).

Braircliff – Peekskill Trailway: This county sponsored trail follows the right-of way lands of the Briarcliff-Peekskill Parkway, which was never built as a parkway, and provides links to county and local parks and trails. Briarcliff - Peekskill Trailway map      5.6   Completed   CTD YTN NWC OST
Camp Smith Trail: This state hiking trail traverses the rugged topography of Camp Smith from the tollhouse on Route 6/202 to connect with the Appalachian Trail immediately north of the county border. Part of Westchester RiverWalk.      2.3   Completed.   CTD
Horseman's Trail: This Greenway designated trail provides a connection from the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail to the Hudson River Waterfront and follows a patchwork of public park and semi-public lands. Part of Westchester RiverWalk.      1.2   TBD.   SLH
Leatherstocking Trail: This inter-municipal hiking trail is situated between the City of New Rochelle and Village of Mamaroneck and links into Saxon Woods County Park. It is part of the Colonial Greenway Trail System.      2.0   Completed.

Total hiking trail miles: 11.1


Key to municipal abbreviations


Town Name


Town Name

ARD  Ardsley   NRO  New Rochelle
BED  Bedford  NOC  North Castle
BMR  Briarcliff Manor  NSM  North Salem
BXV  Bronxville  OST  Ossining (town)
BUC  Buchanan  OSV  Ossining (village)
CTD  Cortlandt  PKS  Peekskill
CRO  Croton-on-Hudson  PEL  Pelham
DBF  Dobbs Ferry  PMR  Pelham Manor
ECH  EastChester  PLV  Pleasantville
ELM  Elmsford  PCH  Port Chester
GRB  Greenburgh  PDR  Pound Ridge
HAR  Harrison   RYC  Rye City
HAS  Hastings  RYB  Rye Brook
IRV  Irvington  SCD  Scarsdale
LAR  Larchmont  SLH  Sleepy Hollow
LEW  Lewisboro  SOM  Somers
MMT  Mamaronect (town)  TTN  Tarrytown
MMV  Mamaroneck (village)  TUC  Tuckahoe
MTK  Mount Kisco   WHP  White Plains
MTP  Mount Pleasant  YON  Yonkers
MTV  Mount Vernon  YTN  Yorktown
NWC  New Castle