Together, Westchester County and the Village of Rye Brook created this new resource that helped the village in planning future development, allowing them to focus on the important issues, saving valuable time and cutting costs. The Village of Rye Brook developed and adopted its local comprehensive plan, using the "base studies" listed below.

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Rye Brook Planning Base Studies Chapters

Cover and table of contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: External Influences – Regional Context
Chapter 3: The Use of Land
Chapter 4: Population Characteristics
Chapter 5: Transportation
Chapter 6: Natural Resources
Chapter 7: Recreation, Open Space and Cultural Resources
Chapter 8: Public Facilities
Chapter 9: Infrastructure and Utilities
Chapter 10: Commercial Development
Chapter 11: Residential Development
Chapter 12: Current Zoning
Chapter 13: “Build-out” Under Current Zoning


Rye Brook Planning Base Studies Maps

All Maps (15 MB)
Map 1-2: Rye Brook and Environs
Map 3-1: Land Use
Map 4-1: Population Density
Map 4-2: Hispanic Population
Map 5-1: Road Network
Map 5-2: Traffic Volume
Map 5-3: Public Transportation
Map 6-1: Environmental Features
Map 6-2: Topography
Map 6-3: Soils
Map 6-4: Impervious Surfaces
Map 7-1: Open Space, Parks and Recreation
Map 8-1: Schools and Public Facilities
Map 9-1: County Sewer Districts
Map 10-1: Commercial Development
Map 11-1: Neighborhoods and Place Names
Map 12-1: Zoning
Map 13-1: Rye Brook Build-out


Rye Brook Planning Base Studies Appendices

3-1 Land Use in Westchester (26 MB)
5-1 King Street Intersection Study
5-2 Source Data for Vehicle Ownership Rates in Rye Brook
6-1 Soil Survey for Putnam and Westchester Counties, New York (17 MB)
6-2 Impervious Surfaces and Water Quality
6-3 NYS Stormwater Manuals
     NYS Stormwater Management Design Manual (11 MB)
     NYS Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control (21 MB)
6-4 Center for Watershed Protection Unified Site and Subwatershed Reconnaissance Form
6-5 Rye Brook Stormwater Management Program Annual Report
6-6 Edgewood Stormwater Basin Plans
6-7 Westchester County’s Watershed Advisory Committee 3 Report
6-8 ACOE Blind Brook Watershed Management Plan (36 MB)
6-9 Rye Brook Hazard Mitigation Plan
6-10 List of Plans Rarely Eaten by Whitetail Deer
6-11 Westchester County Deer Task Force Report
6-12 Rye Brook Coyote Hazing Program
6-13 NYS List of Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Fish and Wildlife Species
9-1 County Water District Map
9-2 Southern Exposure Map
10-1 2009 Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) Employment Analysis
12-1 Rye Brook Official Map and Zoning Map
13-1 Rye Brook Draft Build-out Analysis Results