The Watershed Protection and Partnership Council (WPPC) was created through the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as a permanent, regional forum to aid in the long-term protection of drinking water quality and the economic vitality of the watershed communities. The council represents a broad-based, diverse group of interests that share the common goals of protecting and enhancing the environmental integrity of the watershed as well as the social and economic vitality of the watershed communities.

The council will also be a forum for discussion and review of water quality concerns and related Watershed issues, and will make recommendations on future actions to be taken by the city, federal and state governments to enhance watershed protection.

Most importantly, however, the council will have dispute-resolution authority to prevent future differences from festering and spilling over to the courts. The parties to the MOA have agreed to present all future disagreements to the WPPC for resolution before resorting to the more historical means of problem solving.