The Westchester County Databook, features over 200 pages of descriptive data covering more than a dozen broad subject categories, ranging from Westchester's physical attributes and municipal organization to demographic and business statistics.

The Databook has proven to be a reliable statistical resource for government officials, new and expanding businesses, not-for-profit organizations and individuals interested in either specific or general information regarding Westchester County. You can access the information by individual chapters below or you can view the entire 2010 Databook in PDF format with bookmarks.

 2010 Databook Chapters
 Introduction and Credits  Transportation
 History, Geography and Land Use   Utilities
 Government  Education
 Population  Child Care
 Housing  Senior Programs and Services
 Labor Force  Health and Emergency Services
 Business, Office and Retail   Culture and Tourism
 Income and Prices  Recreation
 Taxes   Economic Development Programs

Note: Much of the statistical data featured in the Databook is based on 2000 Census data as well as American Community Survey data to 2008. Please visit our Census and Statistics page for an array of tables and findings based on the 2010 Census, and our Municipal Profiles based on the 2005-2009 American Community Survey.

For more information on the Databook please contact Karen Duffy by e-mail at  or by calling (914) 995-4418.