crotondamIn 1997, Westchester County was one of over 80 governmental agencies and environmental groups who signed the historic Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to protect New York City’s drinking water supply. New York City’s drinking water supply watershed covers 1900 square miles of land in upstate New York. In Westchester County, approximately 800,000 people drink from the watershed’s 19 reservoirs. Twelve of Westchester County’s 45 municipalities lie within the boundaries of the New York City Watershed.
The MOA identifies the elements of a groundbreaking watershed protection program which will protect drinking water for almost nine million New Yorkers without inhibiting the economic vitality of the watershed communities. The MOA consists of the following watershed protection programs:  Land Acquisition, Watershed Regulations, Watershed Protection Programs, and a Watershed Protection and Partnership Council. Westchester and its partners are working together to protect the New York City Watershed.

The Comprehensive Croton Watershed Water Quality Protection Plan (the Croton Plan) for the Croton Watershed in Westchester County is a detailed and comprehensive inter-municipal water quality planning effort. Ten local municipalities worked with Westchester County and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection to assess the unique conditions in the Croton Watershed, identify water quality impacts and develop a strategy to reduce those impacts and prevent further water quality degradation while protecting community character. Go to the Croton Plan.

The Department of Planning created an Overview of Agreements, Programs and Regulations Impacting the Croton and Kensico Watersheds in Westchester County that provides a summary of many topics related to the MOA in the Croton-Kensico watersheds.

Map of Croton-Kensico Watershed

Municipal MOA Partners in Westchester County

 Town of Bedford
 Town of Cortlandt
 Town of Harrison
 Town of Lewisboro
 Town of Mount Pleasant
 Town of New Castle
 Town of North Castle
 Town of North Salem
 Town of Pound Ridge
 Town of Somers
 Town of Yorktown
 Village/Town of Mount Kisco
 County of Westchester
 City of New York