Four county departments worked together to conduct a year-long water quality monitoring program for the Bronx River in Westchester County. The Department of Planning teamed up with the Departments of Health and Laboratories and Research, with cooperation from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation, to collect and analyze samples each month at eight locations along the Bronx River in Westchester County from April 2006 through April 2007.

As recommended by the Department of Health, the following parameters were determined from “grab” samples collected by the Department of Health and analyzed by the Department of Laboratories and Research at each of the eight sites along the Bronx River in Westchester:

  • total coliform
  • fecal coliform
  • E. Coli
  • enterococci
  • ammonia
  • nitrates
  • nitrites
  • phosphorus
  • total suspended solids
  • dissolved oxygen
  • pH
  • temperature

The sampling data and locations:

 Sample Location #1 Bronx River Parkway between McLean Avenue and Wakefield Avenue, Yonkers

GPS Coordinate Location: 40o 54’ 03.7” N. Lat. 73o 51’ 36.6” W. Long.

 Sample Location #2 Bronx River Parkway south of Cross County Parkway, Yonkers

GPS Coordinate Location: 40o 55’ 23.0” N. Lat. 73o 50’ 38.9” W. Long.

 Sample Location #3 Dewitt Avenue/ Paxton Avenue at the confluence with the Grassy Sprain Brook, Bronxville

GPS Coordinate Location: 40o 56’ 19.5” N. Lat. 73o 50’ 15.7” W. Long.

 Sample Location #4 Bronx River Parkway at Leewood Drive, Eastchester

GPS Coordinate Location: 40o 58’ 08.1” N. Lat. 73o 49’ W. Long.

 Sample Location #5 Intersection of Popham and Garth Road, Scarsdale

GPS Coordinate Location: 40o 59’ 17.6” N. Lat. 73o 48’ 38” W. Long.

 Sample Location #6 Greenacres Avenue, Hartsdale

GPS Coordinate Location: 41o 00’ 47.9” N. Lat. 73o 47’ 33.9” W. Long.

 Sample Location #7 Westchester County Center, Bronx River Parkway, White Plains

GPS Coordinate Location: 41o 02’ 13.5” N. Lat. 73o 46’ 40.5” W. Long.

 Sample Location #8 South Kensico Avenue, Valhalla

GPS Coordinate Location: 41o 04’ 00.8” N. Lat. 73o 46’ 25.4” W. Long.