HMPAgHazard Planning and Mitigation for Agriculture

Following is important information for farm owners, residents and consumers concerning the agricultural operations and products in emergencies. Information on how to prepare for, respond during and recover from a variety of hazards is included in the resource links below. All audiences, including farm owners and consumers of agricultural products are encouraged to browse through the websites listed and download the appropriate guidance material.

Resources for Farm Owners

The national network of extension services links extension educators, emergency managers, and community officials to enhance resilience and reduce the impact of disasters in New York communities. Information for a variety of audiences and disasters is available at the New York Extension Disaster Education Network website. In addition to information on how to prepare for and recover from a variety of disasters, the program offers a 6-hour Farm Disaster Preparation Certificate course to help farm owners become better prepared for everyday or even larger farm disasters. Farms that complete the training program will receive a dated certificate to provide to their insurance carrier.  This increases the farm’s eligibility for receiving a policy credit or even an actual discount on the farm’s annual insurance premium.

The Pennsylvania State University, with assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), has prepared a guidance manual with information, resources and checklists, called ReadyAG: Disaster and Defense Preparedness for Production Agriculture. The ReadyAG© workbook covers a range of issues for farmers and ranchers to consider about various segments of their agricultural operation, provides guidance on how to evaluate vulnerabilities and risk for a variety of disasters and how to develop strategies to mitigate that risk. 

Resources for Horse and Large Animal Owners

The American Association of Equine Practitioners has information and resources for horse owners on how to prepare for and recover from natural disasters such as a guidance document

The New York Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has specific resources for large animal owners.

Resources for Pet Owners

The American Humane Association has information for pet owners as well as disaster professionals and others on how to plan for pet safety before, during and after a disaster.

Resources for Residents and Consumers

If you grow food for consumption or buy food from local growers, please consult the following websites and follow instructions provided by your local emergency managers and health officials concerning food safety.

The federal government maintains a website with information on food safety, including actions to take during emergencies.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations also has information on food safety during emergencies. 

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has published a booklet on food safety in emergencies.


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