FEMA requires that Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMP) include a process to ensure that the plans are regularly reviewed, updated and maintained. This encourages progress towards implementation of the mitigation strategies laid out in the plan.

Monitoring Mitigation Actions
Each year, beginning one year after the plan’s development, county and local MPC representatives will contact, collect and process information from the persons, departments, agencies and organizations involved in overseeing and implementing mitigation projects or activities. To standardize the information collected, FEMA guidance worksheets and a progress matrix will be utilized to track progress by the county and participating municipalities.

Mitigation Planning Committee
The Mitigation Planning Committee (MPC) is responsible for monitoring the progress, evaluating the effectiveness, and updating the plan annually. Each participating jurisdiction has a representative on the MPC.  Refer to Section 7, Plan Maintenance of the HMP for more details.

Using performance based indicators, the MPC will review goals, objectives, and activities and evaluate how other programs and policies have conflicted or augmented planned or implemented measures and can be modified. The plan will also be evaluated and revised following any major disasters to determine if the recommended actions remain relevant and appropriate. The risk assessment will also be revisited to see if any changes are necessary based on the pattern of disaster damages or if data has been collected (Section 5.4/Hazard Profiles) that facilitates the risk assessment.

Evaluating the Plan Annually
The HMP will be evaluated annually to determine the effectiveness of the programs, to measure if goals are being reached and to reflect changes that may affect mitigation priorities or available funding. The status of the HMP will be discussed and documented at an annual plan review meeting of the MPC. This review will provide the opportunity to increase a municipality’s disaster resistance and will build a better and stronger community. Evaluations will assess whether:

  • Planning goals address current and expected conditions
  • The nature or magnitude of the risks has changed
  • Current resources for funding, personnel, and equipment are appropriate for implementing the HMP, and if additional resources are now available
  • Schedules and budgets are feasible, and if actions taken were cost effective
  • Implementation problems, such as technical, political, legal or coordination issues with other agencies, are present
  • Outcomes occurred as expected
  • New agencies/departments/staff or other local governments should be included

Annual Progress Reports
An annual progress report, based on the local participant progress reports, information presented at the annual MPC meeting and the HMP evaluation, will be prepared by the MPC. The annual reports will provide data for the five-year update of the HMP and assist in pinpointing implementation challenges. By monitoring the implementation of the Plan on an annual basis, it is possible to assess which projects are completed, which are no longer feasible and what projects may require additional funding or other resources.
The following reports are the culmination of annual activities completed or underway by the County and participating municipalities.

  • Plan Adoption: List of municipalities and the adoption dates
  • Updates to Coastal Flood Insurance Rate Maps
  • Year One Annual Report
  • Year Two Annual Report
  • Year Three Annual Report (including scope and timeline for update)
  • Year Four Annual Report (including update status)
  • Year Five HMP Update

HMP Five-Year Update
HMPs are required to be updated every five years. A detailed updated program plan will be presented to the MPC during the third year of the HMP. State and federal representatives will be consulted to provide guidance on plan update procedures and timelines. A scope will be developed which identifies the resources needed for the HMP update and the timeline that will ensure the update is completed in advance of the expiration of the current plan. Resources will be secured and the update process followed. Following each five-year update of the mitigation plan, the updated plan will be distributed for public comment. After all comments are addressed, the HMP will be revised and distributed to all planning group members, and state and federal agencies for review and approval.

Public and Stakeholder Input
Westchester County and the participating municipalities are committed to the continued involvement of the public and stakeholders in the hazard mitigation process. The public and all stakeholders are encouraged to review the plan and submit any questions to their local municipal representative or to the county.

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