Many of the publications listed below, as well as those found on the pages accessed through the Publications links to the right, are available online free of charge. Some of the publications dating back from the mid 1990's are available upon request.

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Description  Year  Price
Stormwater Reconnaissance Plan for the Croton River and Inland Long Island Sound Watersheds 2014 online
Stormwater Reconnaissance Plan for the Peekskill-Haverstraw Bay Watershed 2014 online
Stormwater Reconnaissance Plan for the Coastal Long Island Sound Watershed 2013 online
Stormwater Reconnaissance Plan for the Saw Mill River-Pocantico River Watershed 2012 online
Stormwater Reconnaissance Plan for the Bronx River Watershed 2013 online
Flooding & Land Use Planning: A Guidance Document for Municipal Officials and Planners 2010 online
The Croton Plan for Westchester 2009

$50 Color

$10 B&W

The Croton Plan Executive Summary  2009  $4.00 

Bronx River Watershed Plan
Volume 1) Stormwater Pollution Control Plan
Volume 2) Wetland Field Assessment and Management Plan

2007 online
Westchester County - A Guide to Aquatic Buffers 2007 online
Step by Step: Your Guide to Cleaner Water 2006 online
NYS Standards and Specifications for Erosion and Sediment Control 2005 online
EIS Primer - A Guide for Reviewing Environmental Impact Statements 2005 online
Peach Lake Waste Water Study 2004 online
Westchester Groundwater Study 2003 online

Westchester County Stormwater Management Planning Manual
Main Report  Appendix

2003 online
Watershed Advisory Committee 3 (WAC3)
Controlling Nonpoint Source Pollution
A Management Plan for the Watersheds of Beaver Swamp and Blind Brooks, Mamaroneck, Milton and Port Chester Harbors
1998 online

Watershed Advisory Committee 4 (WAC4)
Controlling Nonpoint Source Pollution
A Management Plan for the Sheldrake and Mamaroneck Rivers and Mamaroneck Harbor

2001 online

Watershed Advisory Committee 5 (WAC5)
Controlling Nonpoint Source Pollution in Long Island Sound: A Management Plan for the Watersheds of Stephenson Brook, Burling Brook, Pine Brook and Larchmont Harbor

1997 online

Model ordinances:

Erosion and Sediment Control

Riparian Buffers

Stormwater Management

Wetland and Watercourse Protection

varies online
Nonpoint Source Pollution Posters 2000 online
Watershed Management Fact Sheets
1. Urban Watershed Management
2. Imperviousness
3. Septic Systems
4. Wetland Restoration and Creation
5. Stormwater Runoff
6. Buffers
2006 online
Conservation Advisory Councils and Boards - A Guide to the Organization of Local Environmental Advisory Councils 1997 online
Sound Advice: A Long Island Sound Resident’s Guide to Reducing Water Pollution at Home (out of print) 1997 NC
Wetland Protection in Westchester County: Survey of Municipal Wetland Ordinances 1995 NC
Westchester County Soil Survey (Complete Set) 1994 $25/set
WC SWCD Model Ordinance for Wetland Protection 1998 $3.00
Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds 1986 $35.00
WC Best Management Practices Manual for Stormwater Management 1984


New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual 2003 online