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 Businesses and Major Employers 2004
 Senior Population Changes 1990-2000 (2002)
 Population by Age, Race and Hispanic Origin, 2000 (2002)
 Multi-Family Housing Listing 2000
 Assisted Living and Related Senior Housing - A Summary of Development Activity in Westchester 1999 

Historic River Towns of Westchester (HRTW)

 Westchester County Airport Economic Impact Study 1997
 Mamaroneck Village Industrial Area Study - 1997
 Land Use Trends in Westchester County 1998-1996 (1997)
 Route 9A Bypass Study Area - An Overview of Development and Transportation 1996
 Major Open Spaces Parcel Inventory 1994
 Municipal Tree Regulations and Programs 1992
 Cooperative and Condominium Conversion Trends in the 1980s (1990)
 Impact and Development Fees, Westchester County (1990)
 Land Use Trends in Westchester County, 1978-1988 (1990)
 Municipal Planning, Zoning and Development Fees 1990
 Municipal Planning Primer: Design Review Boards and Historic Preservation Commissions (1989)
 Comparative Local Real Property Taxes, 1987
 Moratoria in Westchester County 1988
 Status of Municipal Planning in Westchester County 1988
 Survey of Municipal Wholly Tax Exempt Properties 1988
 Municipal Zoning Trends, 1969-1987 (1988)
 Cluster Subdivision Regulations: Economy, Flexibility and Open Space 1987
 Off-Street Parking: A Guide to Municipal Regulations 1987
 Planning for Child Care Facilities: The Role of Municipalities 1987
 Residents Recreation Preferences Survey 1986
 The Development Process in Westchester County - Permit Manual 1986
 Municipal Regulation of Satellite Earth Stations: An Update 1986
 Urban Form Refinement 1985
 Municipal Regulations of Helicopter Landing Facilities and Operations 1985
 Municipal Subdivision Regulations 1985
 A Place They Call Home - Planning for Residential Care Facilities 1983
 Status of Multi-Family Zoning-Westchester County 1983
 The Empty Classroom-What’s Next? 1977
 Municipal Regulation of Coin-Operated Video Games 1982
 Highway Deicing Manual 1981
 Assumptions, Goals and Urban Form 1974