The county Planning Board usually meets the first Tuesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. in the William N. Cassella Conference, Room 420 of the county Planning Department, located at 148 Martine Ave. in White Plains.

Through the county Commissioner of Planning, department employees serve as staff for the Planning Board, carrying out research and assembling information and graphic material for board review and for presentations at board meetings. Department staff also conduct studies, prepare publications and implement policies on behalf of the Planning Board.

The Westchester County Planning Board is authorized by the county charter to:

  • Formulate and recommend major physical planning and development policies
  • Undertake capital program planning
  • Make recommendations on the capital budget. See the Planning Board Review of the Capital Projects Requests for the following years: 2018 and 2019.  See also the additions to the 2017 Planning Board Review.  See the Planning Board Review of Westchester Community College’s Capital Projects Requests for the following academic years: 2017/2018, 2018/2019.
  • Review and comment on municipal planning and zoning actions. These actions often involve large-scale developments which are proposed throughout the county.  Read more about Municipal ReferralsView the interactive map of all currently proposed development projects that have received county Planning Board review.

An information manual (dated January 2014) provides extensive background on the operations, responsibilities and adopted policies of the county Planning Board. The manual also includes provisions of Westchester County Law and New York State Law that set forth the legal basis for Planning Board actions

The Westchester County Planning Board approved an amendment of Westchester 2025 Policies to Guide County Planning after a public hearing on Jan. 5, 2010. 

The Planning Board
The Westchester County Planning Board, at full complement, consists of 12 members who serve staggered three-year terms. Nine of the members are private citizens, appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the Board of Legislators. By law, four of the nine must be residents of any cities in Westchester, two must be residents of anytown (outside of any village), villages and three must be residents.

The remaining three members, voting and ex-officio, are the commissioners of the departments of Environmental Facilities, Public Works and Parks, Recreation & Conservation. A quorum consists of seven members, an absolute majority of the fully authorized membership of the board.

The County Executive appoints the board chairperson. The board members elect the vice-chair. Board committees are formed on an ad-hoc basis depending on issues being studied. The board's operation is governed by "Rules of Procedure - Westchester County Planning Board." 

For information, contact Norma V. Drummond by e-mail at .


Planning Board Members
James Arndt                                    White Plains  
Dwight Douglas, Vice Chair Peekskill  
Michael Camoia Harrison  
Holly Hasbrouck North Castle  
Richard Hyman, Chair Port Chester    
Bernard Thombs Mount Pleasant  
Renee Toback Yonkers  
Andrea Carapella Rendo Lewisboro  
Ximena Francella New Rochelle  
Ex-Officio Members
Vincent F. Kopicki Commissioner of Environmental Facilities  
Kathleen O'Connor Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Conservation  
Hugh Greechan Commissioner of Public Works & Transportation  


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