From long-range land use planning to open space preservation, the Planning Department works to improve county residents' quality of life through protecting the environment. The projects we work on directly affect everyone living and working in Westchester in many ways and ultimately, contribute to a more livable and sustainable Westchester.

Open Space

The County has a major responsibility to preserve the quality of life in Westchester by protecting its scenic quality, environmental integrity, and recreational opportunities. Land acquisition is not the sole means by which the County can achieve this goal. It may serve as facilitator for protection and preservation actions undertaken by the state, Westchester municipalities and private organizations. Learn More

Westchester Trails
Westchester County has an extensive, regional trail system consisting of over 150 miles of existing trails along old rail corridors, parkway right-of-ways and scenic waterfronts as well as routes along highways.

These trails provide important linkages between parks, open spaces and population centers to improve the overall quality of life in the county. Learn More

Flood Action Plan
In April 2007, Westchester was made painfully aware of the devastating effects storms can have on homeowners, businesses and the county at large. As a result, a $50 million capital program to help fund local projects and a Flood Action Task Force was appointed. Learn More