envirothonThe Westchester Watershed Education Program offers educators resources to create or enhance water-quality monitoring and education programs. Simultaneously, Westchester County residents can learn about protecting their watersheds and what actions they can take to help preserve clean water and healthy ecosystems. Resources available are:

Enviroscape Loan Program
The Enviroscape is an interactive teaching tool, demonstrating the relationship between land uses and water quality. The Enviroscape mimics stormwater runoff characteristics and patterns. It consists of a land model, rain (spray bottle) and pollutants (colored powders, such as grape Kool-Aid) that work together to display how a watershed works and how various land uses have a direct affect on local water conditions.

Interested teachers and educators can borrow the Enviroscape and its associated lesson plans by contacting David Kvinge, Director of Environmental Planning at . Please read the conditions below, prior to requesting the Enviroscape.


  • Educators must pick the Enviroscape up and drop it off at the Planning Department in White Plains.
  • There is a two-week maximum rental time period.
  • Overdue fine of $1 a day will be collected for each business day the Enviroscape is overdue.
  • The Enviroscape must be returned in the same, or better, condition in which it was borrowed.

The Envirothon idea is simple -- combine the proven concepts of hands-on education with the excitement of good competition and the fun of spending a day outdoors. The result is an effective educational tool that will help our state's schools nurture environmentally aware students as well as meet the immediate need of teaching more about environmental education. Because of its diversity and complexity, environmental science is a mixture of disciplines difficult to integrate. The Westchester County Soil and Water Conservation District is a sponsor and financial supporter of the Envirothon, along with other conservation districts in New York State. Planning staff participates on the day of the event as well as managing the lengthy preparation during the year leading up to the competition.

Student Land Use Symposium
More than 150 students from 12 high schools from around the county attend the Land Use Symposium. Students participate in an urban planning charrette and study land use techniques.