Westchester County


Image of hand sketching a map of Westchester CountyThe Department of Planning consists of a team of professionals dedicated to promoting orderly development that protects and improves the quality of life and physical environment of Westchester County. The department works with a wide array of citizen boards to carry out its work.

We hope you will explore our varied projects and resources. The subjects range from protecting water quality and natural habitat to advancing housing opportunities, promoting smart growth and reviewing development proposals. We also provide extensive census and research data and information on local zoning codes.

What's new at the Department of Planning? 

The Planning Department received the National Association for County Community and Economic Development 2014 Award of Excellence in the “Affordable Housing” category at the 39th Annual NACCED Conference, held in September in Arlington County, Virginia.

A comprehensive GIS update of local zoning districts has been completed. Several years in the making, this new data layer reflects current zoning district boundaries in all 43 Westchester municipalities.

The U.S. Census Bureau plans to release the 2013 American Community Survey one-year estimates on September 18. It will provide new sample data on thousands of topics for geographies with populations of 65,000 or greater, including the cities of Mount Vernon, New Rochelle and Yonkers, the town of Greenburgh and Westchester County as a whole

Image of Westchester 2025 logo
Westchester 2025
What should Westchester look like in 2025? As we face issues that are changing and evolving – from flooding to traffic to housing to climate change – we are required to rethink how we make decisions, big and small.

Westchester 2025 aims to provide a solid foundation for constructive conversation about maintaining our quality of life and how to work together on shared goals. Learn more

Image of affordable housing units
Housing provides funding to assist in the development of new fair and affordable housing as well as the rehabilitation of existing housing stock. We also provide affordable housing and rental assistance to homeowners and tenants who are income eligible.

The county, working in concert with each municipality, addresses its local housing needs, as well as its share of regional affordable housing deficits. Learn more

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Environmental Protection
Planning provides assistance to municipalities with zoning and local development initiatives.

It also reviews referrals from local municipalities for the county Planning Board and recommends best planning practices that work to promote economic growth and protect the environment. Learn more

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Watershed Protection
There are six major drainage basins in Westchester - Upper Hudson River, Croton River, Lower Hudson, Upper LI Sound, Bronx River, and Lower LI Sound.

Watershed protection is a major concern so the county oversees a variety of programs to protect county water quality. These reservoirs provide drinking water for residents of Westchester, NYC and Connecticut while others rely on wells. Learn more